At we use cookies to provide the best possible service and to imporve your browsing experience in our Webiste. Below, we inform you as clearly as possible about what cookies are, what they are for, what types exist, which ones we use, what we do with them and how you can modify their configurartion or disable them wether you so prefer.


Cookies are small files stored on the device you use to browse the Internet (computer, smartphone, tablet or any other). Thse files contain information about your browsing habits that our website can retrieve to provide you with the content for wich you have previously shown interest or your browsing preferences. For example, cookies allow to know the browser from wich you access our Website, your browsing preferences, the number of visits made, which websites you find useful and wich of them require improvements or choose your favourite langiage. All this information allows us to recognise you as a User and improve the service we offer you. 

Cookies should not cause damage to your computer, they are only associated to an anonymous User and his/her computer, and do not provide any User´s personal data.


Cookies can be can be classified according to three different criteria:

1) According to the entity that manages the cookies:

     - Own cookies: those that we send to your computer from our own equipment or domains and from where we provide the service you request.

     -  Third-party cookies: those sent to your computer from a computer or domain that is not managed by us, but by another collaborating entity. These are, for example, those used by social networks. 

2) According to the time period they remain active on the user´s device:

     - Session cookies: they remain on your device only until you leave the website that you are visiting, so they do not remain on your hard drive. They are useful to know the navigation guidelines, and store information necessary for the provision of the service you request only while you are browsing the website.

     - Persistent cookies: they are stored on your hard drive, and our Website retrieves them each time you access it. However, they have a certain period of activity that can range from a few minutes to several years.

3) Depending on their purpose:

     - Technical cookies: those necessary for the proper navigation and for the proper functioning of our Website. They are responsible for ensuring that you can, for example, move around the Website, access restricted areas, place an order or register for an event.

     - Personalisation cookies: they allow access to the service with predefined characteristics according to the terminal used, such as language or access browser.

     - Analysis cookies: they allow us to track and analyse the bahaviour of the Users of our Website. The information provided for these cookies is very valuable as they allow the analysis of Website activity and to draw up user browsing profiles with the aim of improving the browsing experience. 

     - Advertising cookies: they allow the efficient management of advertising spaces that may be included in the website. 

     - Behavioural advertising cookies: these cookies store information on user behaviour obtained through continuous observartion of their browsing habits, allowing the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it. 

     - Cookies from external social networks: they are used so that user can interact with the content of different social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, and are generated only for the users of these social networks. The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected are regulated by the privacy policy of each platform. 







Own cookie

Used to store serialized state data. It is used to stablish a user session and to pass state data through a temporary cookie.

Session time


Third-party cookie: Google Analytics.

Used to distinguish users.

2 years


Third-party cookie: Google Analytics.

Used to distinguish users.     

24 hours


Third party cookies: Google Analytics.

Used to limt percentage of applies.         

1 minute


Own cookie

Module to control the acceptance of cookies policy

24 hours


A warning about the use of cookies will appear at each login to our Website. If you click on the ACCEPT button, we assume that you accept the use of cookies. However, you can access our Cookie Policy at any time from any web page or our Website, whose link will remain visible at the bottom of each web page. 


Notwithstanding the above, you can modify, if you wish, the configuration of the cookies from your browser by restricting, blocking or deleting them. Each browser operates differently, so it is advisable to use the HELP funcition of the browser you use. Normally, you can do this from the TOOLS or OPTIONS menu. 

If you decide to block or restrict cookies you may not be able to access some of the services or contet of our Website, so that your browsing experience will be less satisfactory.  

You can also manage the cookie store in your browesr using tools such as Ghostery ( and Your online choices (

We use our own cookies for the proper functioning of the website and all its services, and third parties to analyze the traffic on our website. You can change the configuration or get more information.