Engraving 28x38 Giralda of Seville

Engraving 28x38 Giralda of Seville

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Engraving Giralda of Seville.

Engraving is a very complex artistic technique as it needs of many and difficult steps to get the required result: from the drawing of the sketch to the final result, it is necessary to record with an awl the sketch and all its details on a metallic surface and improve it little by little by succeeding acid baths and paper proofs until getting the desired finished. The Giralda, watched from Mateos Gago street, is one of the most classical sights of Seville. This is a limited and numbered edition. 

We send it gift-wrapped, and if you wish us to include a note you just have to let us know in the box you will find when you will proceed to confirm and pay your order. 

SIZES: 28x38 cm.




All shown pieces are unique pieces as they are completely made by hand. It is possible there are some little differences between the piece of the photograph and the one you would receive. If you like, we can send you photographs of the piece you would really receive for your approval. 


Silence. Shyness. Dedication. Passion. These are the first sensations Norberto (Norler) inspires, even in this order. Even if you are watching him fot the first time. His world: his art. Settled in Seville, he shows a great knowledge of the city and its details, and he has been able to immortalize them in his engravings and make them available for those who look but do not see.

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